Financial Foundations

for Women

Let THIS YEAR be the year for new beginnings. Let THIS YEAR be the year you get your finances under control. Let THIS YEAR be the year you live with less stress and more financial freedom


Why is this for Women?

Men and women spend, save and invest differently. Studies and statistics 

In this course I'm going to show you some of the biggest internal money barriers common among women, and I'm going to show you what to do with them.

We're also going to look at practical ways to get your finances under control and start making that money work for you.

The added bonus is that we're going to do all of this in a safe and supportive community that allows discussion among like-minded women with the same goals. 


Less Stress, More Freedom

Do you lose sleep at night wondering how you'll pay all your bills?

Do you feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster with your credit cards? You make a payment and lower the balance, only to have an emergency the next month that needs to go back on your card.

Are student loans hanging over you like a black cloud? Do you wonder how you'll ever pay them off?

Have you thought about buying a house or traveling abroad, but don't know how you'll ever do that because you live paycheck-to-paycheck?

Do you wish your scale was a low as your credit score

The good news is that I can help you with all of that. If any of the above statements resonated with you, then this course is for you

A Personal Invitation from Cara...

I’ve been where you are - I know what it feels like to be drowning in debt. I repaired my credit score after a financially devastating divorce and paid off debt as a single mom. I’ve been able to save and invest, and buy investment properties. All these strategies I'm going to teach you in this course I've personally implemented as well as taught others. I know they work because I've seen how they've transformed lives.


"As someone who has been in the finance industry for years, I wasn't sure I would learn anything from Cara. However, her teachings on mindset helped me pinpoint underlying reasons for my money blocks that I didn't know were there. Since working with her, my revenue has increased and I've launched another complimentary business as well."

Jennifer - Arizona, USA

Your Instructor

As a Money Mentor, I guide your financial development as well as assist you with your overall financial and business goals.

I want to see you thrive financially and live a life of less stress and more freedom, and I have the resources to help you make that a reality

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Cara Czarnecki - Her Money Mentor™


"Cara is super generous sharing what she knows to empower women with their finances. For me, she allayed my fears and gave me a clear path forward with getting a clear perspective on where I'm at with my finances. I truly appreciate your knowledge wisdom and help!" 

Shirley - New South Wales, Australia


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